Heaven Social Group was created in April 2007

by Miss Beverly Buttercup and her fellow ‘Westy Divas’ Marcia Monterey, Brandi Alexander and Lola Del Arte. Since then ‘Your Westy Divas’ has been awarded the fantastic prize of Best Dressed Group for their entry into the 2007 New Mardi Gras Parade…

Previously, ‘Your Westy Divas’ debuted their fabulous , colourful and exciting show at Diamonds & Pearls Social Dance  at Moorebank Sports Club. After a (1) year of performing to the crowds at Moorebank, Beverly Buttercup decided it was a time for a change. The perfect opportunity arose for ‘Your Westy Divas’ to move into an established well known gay & lesbian friendly venue, the Parramatta Club. The Parramatta Club in the past few years has strongly supported various nights for the gay & lesbian community of Western Sydney.

Heaven Social Group proudly supports the Western Suburbs Haven – providing services to people living with HIV/AIDS in Western Sydney. The Parramatta Club proudly supported the Heaven Social Group every 4th Saturday of every  month. Also on the 2nd Saturday of the month was Pash, another exciting night….

Heaven Social Group started at the Parramatta Club on the 4th Saturday of the month. The night included great tunes played by DJ Kezza and two exciting shows. First up was ‘Your Heavenly Girls’ performing camp classics and including some of Western Sydney’s campest and most original drag queens, plus special guests. Following ‘Your Heavenly Girls’ was ‘Your Westy Divas’ performing their show ‘Disco Divas’. Heaven Social Group debuted their

Opening Night at The Parramatta Club on 23rd June 2007  With over 170 people attending and welcoming the newest night to hit Western Sydney. Many changes took place in August 2007,  Brandi Alexander retired from Drag and the lovely Tina Swallows filled her spot. Our DJs became Joal & Geoff after DJ Kezza could not continue.

DECEMBER 07 Heaven & Pash were notified that the Parramatta Club would Be closing down after supporting the GLBT community for 7 years… This saw Pash come to an end and…

Heaven Re- locating to THE ROSEHILL BOWLING CLUB on every second Saturday of the month as of January 2008 With a new venue came a new show ‘Legends of Music’ Starring Beverly Buttercup, Marcia Monterey, Lola Del Arte, Tina Swallows and Jessika Grabbit, featuring the Special Guests as in the earlier shows  Gracie Lou, Ida Slapda and Sue Pernatural….

In October 2008  Marcia Monterey & Tina Swallows RESIGNED …

In February 2009Heaven Re- locating to the NORTHMEAD BOWLING CLUB – THE NBC SPORTS CLUB on every second Saturday of every second month as of The 9th February 2009.

      * We allow 16 + to attend Heaven Social Dance’s but must stay with the adult who bring there and must stay away from the bar and poke machines. 

  Heaven’s Star Search on the 8th August 2009 Beverly Buttercup was looking to take off her dancing shoes and be replaced in the production shows, by someone fabulous looking to strut their stuff and a place in Your Westy Divas.  We will proudly introduce  LayDee KinMee in our October show with a new Dj = Dj DANS joined as in 2009

We changed the name from a group to a social dance in 2010

So many things have changed with the shows but we are still supporting the local (drag) and the community out west

Beverly Buttercup took over running an alternative night called KALEIDOSCOPE Social Dance at The Parramatta Golf Club from 30th July 2010. with Dj Shaft And Ian coming on board to help from 2012, all good things must come to an end on the 6th December 2014 , we were notified that the club would be closing down in 2015 to make way for a new development..

We raised over $7,863 dollars going to Acon & Western Suburbs Haven Inc in the 4 years of running Kaleidoscope Social Dance at The Parramatta Golf Club.

In 2012We welcome Ian Stumbles & Dj Shaft to the team to help Beverly Buttercup and Gracie Lou Co-ordinate Heaven Social Dance.

Many changes took place Your Westy Divas as a group came to an end in December 2011 and we said good bye to our regular shows to make way  for some new talent ! and NEW Dj = Dj Shaft.

So many fabulous production shows and so many fabulous performers, too many to mention between 2012 & 2016

In May 2015we introduced “PopUp Drag”to allow local queens to pop on stage and do a spot and win some cash and prizes at all of our dances except the Charity Nights, when we invite (12) of our favourite performers to come back and perform at our Birthday/Charity nights with all our proceeds going to local charities.

LayDee KinMee won an ACE Award (Australian Club Entertainment) for Production Show of the Year for her Drags to Bitches Show. And is now the most popular drag queen in Western Sydney and has agreed to come back to help keep Heaven running in 2016/2017/2018 .

  Heaven Social Dance will be re-locating to MOUNTIES BOWING CLUB – FAIRFIELD

on the  first Saturday of every second month as of The 04 February 2017 !

with over 100 people attending every dance now HOW FABULOUS ….

After two years we have presented our final PopUP Drag at Mounties Bowing Club on 07 October 2017 and

will present our annual World Aids Day RED PARTY #6 with all proceeds $2895  going to ACON on 02st December 2017

Heaven Presents  DRAG FACTOR 2018 on the 3rd February & 7th April 2018 We are searching for a NEW Show cast for 2018

The winners from Drag Factor : Coco Foxx , Danger Del Rey , Crystal Ball & Miss Conception will now put a show together to be launched 04th August & 06th October 2018 .

Heaven’s 11th Birthday Party & Charity Nighton 02nd June , 2018 will be hosted by Portia Turbo with 10 of western Sydney best performance raising over $1800 for The Western Suburbs Haven Inc.

HEAVEN will present our annual World Aids Day RED PARTY #7  with all proceeds $ 2095  going to ACON on 08st December 2018

We farewell Ian Stumbles in December 2018

Ian was the secretary and Co-ordinator at Kaleidoscope Social Dance  between 2012 – 2014 and a presenter and the sane voice of the Queer Out West in studio team between 2012-2015. Normally  wrangling the gals each week – Ian keeps us up to date with the goings on around Western Sydney whilst keeping Beverly (somewhat) in check… and also helps run Heaven Social Dance from 2012-2018 , SADLY  Ian Passed away on 23 December 2018 and will be sadly missed by all.

Heaven’s 12th Birthday Party & BGF Charity Night on 15 June , 2019 will be hosted by Melicious , June & Sandy  with 10 of western Sydney best performance raising over $2620 for The Western Suburbs Haven Inc.

We a Heaven Social Dance has raised well over $30,712.10

for charity since first starting in 2007  

THATS A TOTAL OF $ 38,575.10 (As Of June 2019)